Is your child an underachiever? That’s ok! Those are usually our brightest stars. So don’t wait for another term to get help. Call us today and discover what your child can really do!

Established in 2016, Step Up Education Centres is a dynamic after-school remediation and tutoring franchise with a difference.

Step Up offers children an opportunity to succeed in a schooling system that is, at times, very unsympathetic. From the moment a child walks through a Step Up Education Centre’s doors they feel different.  They no longer feel silly, stupid, misunderstood and judged. After just one lesson they feel hope. Most importantly they see a possibility. After a few sessions, they walk taller, feel smarter and do better.

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Every child has potential - Step Up Education Centres
Why Step Up? - Step Up Education Centres

Why choose a Step Up Education Centre for your child?

Firstly, Step Up believes that every child has potential. Secondly, our passionate educators will not give up until they reach it! Thirdly, and most importantly they are passionate, fearless and committed to making a real difference in the lives of others.

Moreover, it's Founded by seasoned educators Cindy Glass and Fiona Lake. Step Up isn’t only an education franchise that offers remediation to struggling learners. In addition, it also offers a life-changing service to the communities in which we operate by powerfully influencing and bringing together the struggling child, the parent, and the teacher.

We are passionate about making a real difference - Step Up Education Centres

With a world-class programme and a remarkable bunch of people!

Above all you see, all our franchisees have one thing in common – they are passionate, fearless and most importantly committed to making a real difference in the lives of others.

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One person can
make a
Difference - Step Up Education Centres South Africa
and everyone should try.

Are you an ideal candidate to become a franchisee of a Step Up Education Centre?

Don’t have the credentials? That’s ok – you can hire people who do! All you need is a burning desire to help others reach their full potential, similarly a passion for education and a longing to own your own business.

Contact the CEO, Kerry De Jager  on:

082 856 1796

Find a centre near you

Now you can find a Step Up Education Centre in South Africa near you:

Step Up – Alberton, Gauteng

  • Teresa 061 5130106


  • 26 Phantom Str, Raceview, Alberton

Step Up Education Centres - Alberton

Step Up – Benoni, Gauteng

  • Jill: 076 6533719

  • Corner of 8th Avenue and 2nd Street, Northmead, Benoni

Step Up Education Centres - Benoni

Step Up – Edenvale, Gauteng

  • Angelique: 066 230 8680


  • 18 St Matthews Rd, Hurlyvale, Edenvale

Step Up Education Centres - Edenvale